indie-fusion trio

About the band




Porterfield is a powerful new indie-fusion trio hatched in Boston, MA. In this outfit, drums (Raphael Lehnen) and MOOG synth bass (JP Goldman) come together with electric guitar and vocals (Jacob Aviner) to create a unique, organic sound - indie-fusion.

Drummer Raphael Lehnen (studied with Kiko Freitas and Kenny Werner) comes from a more traditional jazz and Brazilian setting, employing a wide vocabulary and astonishing creativity.  He pushes the music forward simultaneously with delicacy and power.

Synth-bass player JP Goldman (worked with Ben Taylor, Rodney Crowell)--a gifted bassist and vocalist coming from the Rush/Jackson Browne vein--brings a nuanced and subtle yet aggressive dynamic that drives the music forward.  He brings an edge to the music with a MOOG subtractive synthesizer creating a large palette of sonic backdrops that are featured in the music. 

Vocals and guitar come from Jacob Aviner.  Growing up as a singer-songwriter, he studied Jazz Composition at Berklee College of Music with Ayn Inserto.  Combining elements from Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, and Iron & Wine with jazz harmonies he writes songs in a new vein.  Drawing on inspiration from Jeff Buckley, Sting, and Bill Evans, his songwriting provides the backbone for the group. 

Porterfield began as a recording project in 2015 between Jacob Aviner and Kama Bell (worked with Esperanza Spalding and Thara Memory) during their time at Berklee College of Music. Post-graduation, the two decided to continue working together on producing Jacob's music, resulting in the birth of the trio.